One reason we avoid casual conversation at all costs is the numerous traps that litter it. From gaffes, to double entendres to backhanded compliments…the whole activity is a veritable minefield that we'd much prefer to avoid.

When we do venture into the dreaded realm of every day conversation, we make sure we are armed to the teeth with fun facts--especially prepared in case we run into the dreaded ‘awkward gap’. That dreadful, yawning silence can only be defeated by just the right combination of wit, wisdom and you guessed it: completely random factoids.

It's kind of awkward to fill the inevitable silences that appear in just about any conversation, but sometimes you can just say "Did you know that ... " and mention a cool fact, like any one of these 13 facts below.

If that doesn't work, you can always simply flee the scene without explanation. 

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and find out what we have in store for ya…


Turns out, Jurassic Park was never supposed to have any CGI dinosaurs. They were going to be stop-motion - but two CGI artists made a CG model of a T-Rex and then put it on a video screen when producer Kathleen Kennedy showed up, and the rest is history. CRACKED.COM


When the Romanian dictator visited Queen Elizabeth in 1978, she hid things. PCR DOMANIAS ROMANIA Specifically, she was afraid he'd nick whatever she had lying around - so she had the guest rooms stripped of all valuables. On his state visit to France, everything down to the bathroom fittings got stolen. CRACKED.COM


One of the greatest art thieves of all time wasn't in it for the money at all. Stéphane Breitweiser stole about $1.4 billion worth of art, but he didn't try to sell it - he was just really into the art and hung it around his home. CRACKED.COM


James Webb, who ran NASA in the 1960s, actually did a huge amount for science. Не advocated for a balance between spaceflight and science for NASA, as that would be the best way to boost universities and the aerospace industry. CRACKED.COM


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