12 Major Commercial Actors With Surprisingly Intriguing Backstories

Excuse me, Flo?
12 Major Commercial Actors With Surprisingly Intriguing Backstories

You can't go a day without seeing one of these actors, but they didn't just bubble up out of nowhere. They're definitely from somewhere so we sent out the bloodhounds and tracked them down. They're currently all in the same tree, just looking down at us nervously as they have a commercial shoot to attend. But too bad, Jabronis, you just all stay there until our intrepid audience learns all it wants. We dug tastefully but firmly into the past to learn the most salient info about each of these hucksters so here you go.

After our audience has had its fill then, maybe, just maybe we'll let a few of them down. Jake from State Farm has to come down last, though, because he's on TV every nine seconds, and we're sick of it. Not your fault, Jake, but overexposure is overexposure. Maybe there's insurance for that? You ought to know, Jake.

The Verizon turned Sprint guy was really a Sprint customer. CRACKED.COM The actor behind the Verizon spokesperson Paul Marcarelli had a contract with the company that ended in 2011, and after Sprint approached him with an offer to try their mobile services, Marcarelli was sold and the two moved forward with creating their first ad, Paul Switched.

Source: CNN

The Sonic guys are not dead. SONI CRACKED.COM Despite the rumors, they did not die- they were let go as Sonic wanted to wean off their comedic direction and go into a wholesome one, replacing the pair with real families going on roadtrips for their ads instead.
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