29 Surprising Trivia Tidbits About The World Of Finance

29 Surprising Trivia Tidbits About The World Of Finance

Many have feared a repeat of the international economic meltdown of 2008 in the years since. Contrary to popular opinion, stock markets have returned to normal operation, different countries' economies have mostly maintained their health, and businesses have returned with few restrictions. We decided to construct a quick overview of the current financial world to show how well the global economy has performed and how particular countries, firms, and individuals contribute to it.

We keep a rolling list of what we perceive to be the most astounding expenditure statistics we come across, and then I compile my yearly Top 29 list.

You know how sometimes you don't want neighbors and decide to buy all the houses in the neighborhood so you can be alone? No? That's most likely because you're not Mark Zuckerberg. More on that, as well as 28 fascinating facts about money, finances, and other topics. So scroll on down and prepare to be as shocked as we were!

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