31 Super Weird Governments Projects That Actually Happened

31 Super Weird Governments Projects That Actually Happened

Governments do some weird stuff sometimes — both in a good and a bad way. That said, we can probably all agree that CIA-run LSD brothels are probably not the best way to spend taxpayer money. Lets take a loot at that and 30 other weird government projects below…

MADRID ENTERTAINED QUARANTINED PEOPLE WITH A PORTABLE CINEMA. The cinema is a giant two-sided screen mounted on a van touring all of Madrid's 21 districts, playing shows like Amazon's Modern Love. CRACKED.COM


HAWAII IS PAYING TO GET PEOPLE OFF THE ISLANDS. Self-isolating on arrival for 14 days is mandatory in Hawaii, and the Hawaii Tourism Authority put aside $25,000 for flight tickets for any visitors who refuse to do that and can't afford the flight home. CRACKED.COM


KB462798 FOR NITE MINERO UNK TECH PRODUTO B2 KB48 The Endols Tobal FUNNY Og the VIDEOS 60 JAM TENDER AND em NOTE J THE Blue - live : 46 CRACKED.COM HD PER Tolem Cookeds Your In 2010, the IRS commissioned videos parodying Star Trek and Gilligan's Island to air at a training contest. The Trek one, at least, offered zero training information, so the IRS's initial defense of it 60 I failed, and they apologized.


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