Not everyone gets to start their on-screen comedy career on, say, SNL, and funny people’s pasts are littered with odd projects they’d rather we all forget. For example …

Mike Myers

COMEDY NERD Mike Myers' character from Wayne's World first appeared in Wayne's Power Minute. RATI It was a Mike Myers sketch featuring the same Wayne, on the short-lived Canadian show It's Only Rock'n'Roll, but it was waaaay more awkward and less funny than the movie. CRACKED.COM


Matt LeBlanc

COMEDY NERD Matt LeBlanc starred in a Heinz ketchup commercial way back in the 1980s. And it's kind of surreal to see him selling ketchup totally straight-faced after having seen him as a Friends star. CRACKED.COM


Tina Fey

COMEDY NERD Tina Fey did some of the voices for the pinball game Medieval Madness. APW She played a British noble lady who's on the older side, and the audio is even available on the internet. CRACKED.COM


Melissa McCarthy

COMEDY NERD In the 1998's God, Melissa McCarthy played a woman who talks to, uh, God. She talked to the Almighty on a cordless phone (the height of 1990s technology), and they apparently both enjoyed their long chats. CRACKED.COM


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