29 Peculiar Facts to Fill Your Awkward Silences

You never know when you’ll need ‘em!
29 Peculiar Facts to Fill Your Awkward Silences

There’s nothing we dread more than the inevitable awkward silence in the midst of a conversation. Contemplative silence? See, that’s just peaceful. Poignant silence? Mmmm, we sure do love the thrill of expectation. Grim silence? Even that we can take, the world is too unserious most of the time anyway. Awkward silence though, that one is a doozy that we just can’t handle.

Fortunately, we have the perfect factoids, trivia and bits of wisdom to fill even the most oddly shaped awkward silences. On a date that isn't going well? At a disastrous family dinner? You never know when it’ll be advantageous to have a weird, random fact like the ones below in your back pocket.


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