Tell Us Now: 19 Movies So Bad They're Good

Movies that are so unwatchable that they twist back around to entertaining
Tell Us Now: 19 Movies So Bad They're Good

There are a lot of terrible movies out there. Like really bad ones. Ones that have that perfect combination of a terrible script, bad acting, mindless direction, absurd editing, and just plain every decision  made for the movie is just curved into becoming the wrong one every single time. It's hard to get a good movie made and released, but getting an empirically horrible movie made and shown in theaters is almost just as impressive.

That said, “bad” movies aren't the same thing as “boring" movies. Just because stuff stinks, doesn't mean it won't make for interesting viewing. The worst sin a movie can be is boring. But there are several bad movies that are so over the top and awful that they can be just as entertaining as a summer blockbuster hit.

We asked y'all what insanely terrible movies you all agree that are awful but you just can't quit watching.


... TELL US NOW. XANADU Evelyn C. tells us, It has Olivia Newton-John and roller-skates. Two things that seem magical in my book. Especially, in the time it was released. I don't care if it was the inspiration for The Razzies. It had razzle dazzle to me. CRACKED.COM

Watch: Xanadu (Youtube)

Troll 2

... TELL US NOW. TROLL 2 Anna H. raves, My friends will take 4 hours to watch this 95 minute movie because they have to rewind and rewatch every single line of dialogue at least 5 or 6 times, laughing hysterically. I swear, they could do a live-action performance from memory at this point. It's pretty entertaining. CRACKED.COM

Watch: Troll 2 (Youtube)

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