13 Cool Celebrity Sitcom Cameos We Totally Forgot About

Sometimes, even really fun episodes can slip right by us.
13 Cool Celebrity Sitcom Cameos We Totally Forgot About

A celebrity cameo is defined as a brief appearance or a voiceover part by a well-known person in a TV show, movie, or video game. These appearances are often unscheduled and unexpected, making them all the more entertaining for viewers. While celebrity cameos have been around for decades, they have become increasingly popular in recent years as social media has given celebrities a larger platform to promote their work. In many cases, a celebrity cameo will be used to generate buzz for a new project or to simply add an extra layer of excitement to an already popular show. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that celebrity cameos are one of the most fun parts of watching television.

Sometimes, a comedy show episode with a celeb cameo turns out to be surprisingly fun, but any particular episode from a long-running show is kind of easily forgotten. We’re here to remind you of 13 of those episodes, such as …

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