30 Creeptacular Discoveries Randos Just Stumbled Upon

30 Creeptacular Discoveries Randos Just Stumbled Upon

Imagine this: You’re minding your own business, strolling through the woods or your house, when you come across something so wildly creepy that it ends up in a Cracked article years later. That’s the magic of day-to-day life, you never know when you’ll just happen upon some incredibly creepy, sinister and surprising secret left behind generations ago. Often, no harm was intended, it’s just what fate had in store.

So have you checked your attic for the long-forgotten, desiccated head of a French king purchased by a tax collector? Likewise, have you checked your walls for dormant bees nests? Um, do it. If not, how will you ever know if there is a sprawling, ancient subterranean city behind your basement drywall?

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