Fast food. Look: we're gonna level with you here. It's what most of our bloodstream is. Big Macs, Crunchwrap Supremes, nuggest from Wendy's, a footlong from Subway (you know, veggies), goddamn Popeye's, and a Cherry Limeade from Sonic to wash it down. And that was dinn…uh, breakfast, this morning. 7-11 hot dog is dinner. We love our fast food, is what we're say…hang on, gotta take a bathroom break.

Ok! We're back. All good. Came out the correct end. Anyway, today, we're talking fast food. We love fast food, and we love learning about fast foo. So if you want a side of facts to go with that side of fries to go with that side of honey mustard sauce, we got you.

Head down any interstate in the United States and you're sure to see a fast food chain-- But how much do you actually know about them? Hopefully a little more now, since you clicked on this and everything! 

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