Cracked VS: Early Series Jerry vs. Late Series Jerry

Cracked VS: Early Series Jerry vs. Late Series Jerry

“No hugging, no learning” was the motto and the main rule of the show Seinfeld. It was always supposed to be a show completely devoid of any real, substantial character growth. The creators felt that in order for the show to keep to its roots and keep to the humor it wanted to convey, it needed as little development as it could get away with. However, a show can only remain stagnant and rooted in such a model for so long.

Arguably the one person who changed the least is the star, Jerry, but even as he ends the series much as it began (actually, exactly as it began) you can see a subtle change from Chronicles to the much maligned Finale. Even though the change is rather small, change is inevitable. Here is a comparison between Jerry's character and the show Seinfeld itself from its earlier seasons to its later offerings.

CRACKED VS FIGHTER PROFILES CRACKED.COM EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES Size 32 waist Size 31 waist Moderately Moderately successful stand up successful stand comic, and failed sitcom star up comic Thin, single, and Thin, single, and tendencies bordering neat on disorders

CRACKED VS LOVE LIFE EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES CRACKED.COM The ladies come Не dates women over the course of and go, and are a few episodes, dropped using and we see their superficial criteria relationship play such as the manner out to their in which they ultimate demise. consume peas.

CRACKED VS APARTMENT EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES CRACKED.COM An added A zero hallway leads to bedroom, one a bedroom, the bath, with windowed-wall one wall becomes a being entirely computer nook. windowed.

CRACKED VS CAREER EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES Jerry CRACKED.COM Taking Using his every day interactions occasional, well to build a stand paying gigs and up set, which is trying to sell his performed in a pilot smokey club with (unsuccessfully). no branding.

CRACKED VS HAIR EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES CRACKED.COM A slightly A frizzy, tighter cut, still '90s mullet standing up on to beat the end (as long as he has water band. pressure).

CRACKED VS WARDROBE EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES Rogaine - / - CRACKED.COM Smart-Casual, The dingy high waisted baseball tees (size 31) jeans, really tucked in polos emphasize and white his Peter Pan sneakers. complex.

CRACKED VS MONEY EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES CRACKED.COM Jerry flies back Jerry seems and forth to comfortable, Florida, buys a but doesn't brand new have the Cadillac (a few times over), and nicest stuff. doesn't sweat it.

CRACKED VS FRIENDS EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES CRACKED COM An ex, a Ends the series with fewer neighbor, and friends than he someone he's started, after cutting out and known since burning bridges high school. with most of his acquaintances.

CRACKED VS PARENTS EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES 1 CRACKED.COM It's easy to see Jerry's parents are both where Jerry gets blonde and his looks and blue eyed, goofy attitude which make his with the new and dark features a improved Morty. little suspect.

CRACKED VS CONFIDENCE EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES CRACKED COM Jerry is very Jerry knows he's Even Steven and nervous in the things will work pilot if the woman he is out for him, so he takes a more meeting from detached out of town is attitude. into him.

CRACKED VS FASTIDIOUSNESS EARLY SERIES LATE SERIES CRACKED.COM Throws away Usual shoe laces that bachelor touched the lifestyle, if floor of a not a little more clean public mens than average. room.
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