Movies and TV, for the most part, aren't reality… And we should be thankful because when the harsh light of day shines on them, a lot of these fictional places could be dealing with some very real consequences. The thing is, we usually don’t bathe in the warm hypnotic glow of our screens to think about the metaphysical implications of minor plot points. But you know what? Sometimes we just can’t help it, and we bet you can’t either. 

Ever wonder about the wild implications of the ending of Django Unchained? Or the school safety implications of throwaway details in the 2017 Power Rangers remake? C’mon gang…we’re just trying to unwind after filing TPS reports all the live long day. Oh man, don’t even get us started on Office Space. Let’s be real, what Maui did to ‘save’ Moana was actually extremely messed up. 

So, if (like us) you just can’t resist finding the brain bending knots in  some of your favorite plots, scroll on ahead.

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