17 Inevitable, Bizarre Consequences Of Sci-Fi Technology

17 Inevitable, Bizarre Consequences Of Sci-Fi Technology

Sci-fi can be pretty good at predicting the future about certain things. Other times, it’s laughably terrible at it. Not a terrible track record overall, but sometimes the ole’ sci-fi crystal ball is pretty cloudy, it seems. Windex, guys, Windex – it’s very reliable.

Anyway, we all love it when technology works, and we all hate it when it doesn't - even to the point of it costing us precious hair on our heads (until we have a surefire hair growth cure discovered via science-fiction, that is). There's nothing worse than depending on something and it doesn't deliver. You most certainly know the feeling.

That said, one of the coolest things about sci-fi movies is the technology. Unless you overthink it. Or even think about it at all. It really doesn't take much thought before fictional technology falls completely apart. Sometimes even literally.

Here are some moments when sci-fi movies and TV shows didn't really think it through.

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