14 Trivia Tidbits We Found In The Couch Cushions

14 Trivia Tidbits We Found In The Couch Cushions

When was the last time you stopped to think about where your couch came from? If you're like most people, the answer is probably "never." But believe it or not, there are some interesting facts hidden in the couch cushions. For example, did you know that the average couch contains enough fabric to make three shirts? Or that a single couch can contain up to 30 pounds of dirt and dust?

We all know that the cushions on our couches can hide a lot of things. But what most of us don't know is that those cushions can actually be hiding some pretty interesting facts. So if you're looking for something to keep you entertained or just want to learn something new, then keep reading. Because in this article, Cracked shares some of the most interesting facts that we've found hidden in the couch cushions. And trust us, you won't be disappointed! So without further ado, let's get started.

Toilet paper companies use silicone turds to test their product. CRACKED.COM A lot goes into testing booty wipes, from their softness to durability, and that's where fake poop, or feclone, comes into play. Being made of silicone means the feclone doesn't smear like real doodie, so companies also use a food paste that can mimic real poop texture for that extra fecal magic.

Watchmen was first going to involve already established comic book characters. CRACKED.COM Most of the characters in the Watchmen comic series are serious a-holes, which makes sense as the story serves as a critique on the whole genre. Since, by the end of the story, most of the characters would be out of commission, DC opted to make up all new heroes instead of using the ones they had recently acquired from Charlton Comics.

People would read newspapers outloud to entertain factory workers before radio. 194 CRACKED COM 30 years before the invention of radio, cigar factories in Havana came up with a way to keep their workers focused and engaged while they completed long hours of monotonous work. Lectors were hired to be on the factory floor and read aloud as the laborers rolled the stogies.

A blurry image of a butt in Halo's code got Microsoft fined. x Error Report  Plane10 has non-uniform node scale, x-axis value exported. OK  Plane06 has non-uniform node scale, x-axis value exported  Plane05 has non-uniform node scale, x-axis value exported.  Plane04 has non-uniform node scale, x-axis value exported.  Plane01 has non-uniform node scale, x-axis value exported.  ocean01 has non-uniform node scale, x-axis value exported.  ocean has non-uniform node scale, x-axis value exported. Export Finished. 0 errors, 7 warnings CRACKED.COM The .ASS format was notorious for causing crashes, so Bungie developers referred to the

Lorraine and Doc Brown only speak once over all three Back To The Future movies. CRACKED.COM Despite both being integral members of the franchise, the interactions between Lorraine McFly and Doc Brown were limited to a single, paltry greeting in the first film. When Lorraine walks into Doc's garage to ask her future son to the dance, she and Doc exchange a simple hello, and that's that.

Ketchup was made out of tomatoes grown in Mars-like conditions. 8-3 CRACKED GOM Researchers at Florida Institute of Technology's Aldrin Space Institute were able to squeeze ketchup out of tomatoes, from Heinz tomato seeds, planted in soil that simulates the loose dust on the surface of Mars. The ketchup passed the Heinz quality test, and it was sold in limited batches.

Kevin Nash was really stabbed on the set of The Punisher. CRACKED COM The scene needed Nash's character, the hulking Russian, to be stabbed in the chest and just laugh it off. When it came time to swap the very real butterfly knife with a prop one, someone messed up, and actor Thomas Jane really plunged a dagger into Nash's chest... which he laughed off, and glued the wound shut.

Users could send a message that would brick any PlayStation 4 that received it. PS4 GRACKED.COM PlayStation users figured out a string of characters that, when received on another PlayStation, would instantly crash the console, without the other user even having to open the message. The Ask PlayStation UK team informed the public on Twitter that the code wasn't actually bricking consoles, just sending them into a crash loop, which is almost as unhelpful as their band-aid solution of telling the community to turn off messaging services.

There is an algae that makes pink snow. GRACKED.COM Called watermelon snow, it is caused by a green algae with a secondary red pigment that thrives in colder climates. Snow that lasts throughout the year, like in high altitude areas in california, grows the algae, which creates a pink color when disturbed.

A lack of microscopic organisms 300 million years ago is why we have coal today. CRACKED.COM Bacteria and fungus eat the dead wood of trees that fall in the forest, which was not the case during the Carboniferous period before those organisms evolved. Felled trees simply piled up, with nothing stopping them except raging wildfires, which turned the mountains of wood into smoldering carbon that we dig up today as coal.

The smell of cucumbers and Good & Plentys turns ladies on. GRACKED.COM In a smell-test, researchers identified the scents that women found most alluring, with cucumbers and the candy Good & Plenty topping the list. On the bottom of the list is the smell of bar-ba-que and cherries, with men's cologne being chief among the repelling odors.

Allergy season is getting longer every year. CRACKED.COM Grab the Benadryl, because pollen counts have been increasing for 20 years across the Northern Hemisphere. Pollen season, when we are all mouth breathing and scratching our eyes, is lengthening by almost an entire day every year. In a few hundred years, we'll all be carrying around Neti Pots instead of phones.

Mice mothers force virgins to babysit. CRACKED COM Childless mice learn to babysit early on, as scientists have discovered experienced mothers will drag virgin female mice over to their crying babies so the mother can have a little me time. This behavior is referred to as shepherding, and it ensures the young mice are taught how to deal with their own future offspring.

Japan uses recordings of dogs barking to keep deer away from train tracks. CRACKED.COM Deer love to get a zesty dose of iron in their diet by licking the metal filings that accumulate on rail tracks, but don't fare too well when a 10,000 ton speeding train plows into them. To shoo the deer away from the tracks, where flashing lights and traditional horns don't do the trick, Japan first blasts the sound of a snorting deer to get their attention, and then hits them with howling canine sounds to drive them away.
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