37 Wacko Things The Internet Believes

Ranging from harmless to horrible.
37 Wacko Things The Internet Believes

There are so many great things about this age we live in: technology has made life immeasurably better in many ways, and we're lucky to have it. How else would you not have to leave your house to get food? Oh, the horror. 

Kidding. Seriously, though, tech has done some resplendent things, but one area where we're sure it hasn't helped is the spreading of stuff that shouldn't be spread - or if it is going to be spread then that should be on a field as fertilizer, because that's what it is. You get the picture. Its brown and smells really awful.

Sure, conspiracy theories and similarly whackjob nonsense can be harmless and worth a laugh, but sometimes they can have devastating consequences and impact lives in a real way. Here are some of the strangest notions that the internet just won't let die. If they would we'd definitely fertilize our tomatoes with them.

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