35 Nearly Unfathomable Findings From The World Of Science

35 Nearly Unfathomable Findings From The World Of Science

Science. Back in school, it was a class that was interesting, yet difficult. But for us, school was a tooth-pulling affair in general. So most of the time, we just let the science teacher science and tried to somehow pass the test.

Sometimes, though, we'd hear something that got us to lift our heads right off the desk. And that something was always something fascinating and approachable, like the McDonald's app. 

And that's going to be our focus today (no, not the McDonald's app), those stories from the world of science that'll make you sit up straight and take notice. There's no test so you don't have any pressure here - just the opportunity to learn something that just might come in handy when you need a science-y fact in a particular social situation.

Time to learn a thing or two about this amazing world of ours with these 35 fascinating scientific findings: 

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