Science is amazing... but it can also be frightening and mind-boggling at times. Although if you didn't enjoy science classes at school, it's difficult not to be astonished by scientific facts as an adult. Honestly, take a moment to consider what the natural environment and current technologies are capable of. It's genuinely remarkable, and chances are you're only aware of a small portion of the fascinating and bizarre facts discovered by scientists thus far.

And besides, researchers are continuously learning new things. Something we don't currently know could be unearthed tomorrow so that we can always broaden our horizons and our stock of random tidbits to amuse our friends. Be wary of scientific "facts" that are untrue (unlike the very real 34 on just this list). Know that a sense of humor can be just as essential as understanding; you should also check out all these pretty funny science jokes--we we were not expecting these punchlines.

Hailstones in Jupiter and saturn are diamonds. Thunderstorms turn atmospheric methane into pure carbon soot. As the soot falls and the pressure increases, it gets compressed into diamonds as big as one centimeter across. CRACKED COM


SCREEN TIME LEADS TO UNHAPPINESS. Multiple studies have shown people are unhappier with more screen time. (But I'm professionally required to beg you to please keep scrolling.) CRACKED.COM


Sleeping for a long time is x positively associated with testis size. A 2018 study found that, the longer you sleep, the larger the size of your testis, even after age and body mass index were adjusted for. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


If you hide in a lake, a swarm of wasps will wait for you to re-emerge. If you're attacked by wasps, don't try to take shelter in a lake. They also are not fooled by playing dead. CRACKED.COM


A helium balloon on the moon would plunge to the ground Without air to rise above, the helium might as well be lead. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


If you don't need much sleep, a single gene might be responsible for that. A 2019 study found that three generations of a family of short sleepers carried a mutant gene (but many genes ultimately control sleep and waking). NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM


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