15 Trivia Tulips With Very Colorful Knowledge Blossoms

Courtesy of the Dutch
15 Trivia Tulips With Very Colorful Knowledge Blossoms

There is a reason why they say that truth is often stranger than fiction. It's to sell more truth, which is a tough sell these days. That said, the universe can be an incredible place, full of amazing innovations and natural oddities. Like the McRib. Is it back? Things and people can amaze you in marvelous ways, just like when you consider you're too disillusioned and know it all. But fear not, we're here to flip the script for you. Say goodbye to that jaded outlook of yours and hello to a new frontier. This is going to be good. Do you want to know how long it'd take to keep driving to space? Or whether a quarter of your body's bones are located? Or what do you call a nighttime rainbow? Because once you read through all these trivia snippets from all across the world, you'll learn all of that and more. And just for a moment, perhaps, you'll feel like this thing we call life has many, many treasures to find and unlock.

We carefully crafted this gathering of facts, and it's not up to all of us to reveal to you these are interesting, but they are. Only a fan of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ would say otherwise. How did that show stay on so long? Anyway, what you're about to embark upon will be intriguing. Are we exaggerating? There will be only a way to find out! Start by looking at them and tell us what you think.

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