28 Celebrity Cameos in Media Both Obvious and Surprising

It's that person! From that thing!
28 Celebrity Cameos in Media Both Obvious and Surprising

Celebrity cameos! They are always fun to spot, whether they're entirely obvious or so secret that you don't hear about it until you're browsing a list while on the toilet. Sure, Bill Murray may make a fun appearance in Ghostbusters (2016), but did you also catch him in Dumb and Dumber To? 

Celebrity cameos span that entire range from iconic to cringy, like Stan Lee getting drunk in Age of Ultron to Stan Lee needing a shoe in one of those Thor movies (was it even a Thor movie?). But they also range from obvious to surprising (hey that’s the title of this article!), like Peter Jackson in The Two Towers to Peter Jackson in Hot Fuzz. What’s that? You didn’t know Peter Jackson was in Hot Fuzz? That’s okay, neither did we until putting this list together. So here’s the question we’ll leave you with – are celebrity cameos “better” when they’re clear and obvious, or sneaky and hidden?

In the end the best guest appearance is you, reading this article…

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