20 Movie Locations Whose True Story Left Us Stunned

Sometimes the set is even more interesting than the script...
20 Movie Locations Whose True Story Left Us Stunned

There's a lot of magic that goes into what you see on the silver screen. We all know that a lot of the wonder actually happens BEHIND the scenes. From the writers rooms, to the lighting and effects, to the makeup and even the directing and cinematography. It takes a village to raise a…movie? Yea, something like that. 

The thing is, the locations and sets themselves are often the unsung heroes of a scene. The perfect location can often provide the emotion and ambience that no amount of writing or camera tricks can match. 

Join us as we explore some movie locations with absolutely wild real life stories. For example, did you know that a bunch of interstellar was filmed on a glacier in Iceland? 

There's the stories we know and love and then there's the stories behind those stories. It turns out movie sets and locations often have wilder stories than scripts that are filmed on them.

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