Movies are great, we guess, but sometimes the story behind the story is way more awesome.

Our readers did a little research to bring you some truly cool (and true) stories behind the locations where some of our favorite films were shot. The winner is below, but first the runners up.

Entry by Scott Laffey

DEVILS TOWER is America's first National Monument as declared by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. Geologists disagree about the exact process of its format

Entry by foxjasond

Ever wanted to visit the idyllic town seen in The Truman Show? You totally can! u Hutth The movie was filmed in the city of Seaside, FL. All those p

Entry by CZM

When directors need authentic old Chinese architecture, they Hengdian. go to Crouching Tiger Hero Hidden Dragon Forbidden Kingdom Curse of the Golden

Entry by Scott Laffey

In December 2004, Brian Jones received an email from his wife alerting him about an eBay auction for this home in Cleveland. Brian immediately made an

Entry by Scott Laffey

The Hook and Ladder Company No. 8 Firehouse in Tribeca, NY originally harbored double bays. The house was remodeled to a single one to accommodate the

Entry by Avisia

CRACKED.COM Fern Canyon is a naturally occuring microclimate, home to plant and animal life not typically native to the surrounding redwoods. Some of

Entry by Camuell

26 Movie And TV Locations True Stories IRL

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