30 True Stories from Movie Locations that Shocked Us

Sometimes it's what happens after the director yells 'cut!'...
30 True Stories from Movie Locations that Shocked Us

It turns out that most of the fantastic worlds we love from movies and television have real world sets that are often stranger and more interesting than the works of art themselves. However, having those locations used for films and TV brings an assortment of issues. And tourists.

Those stairs in Joker? Residents were not happy. Who can blame them? Some people are trying to walk to work and don’t need you dancing on the staircase on their route. Especially if you’re dressed like a clown.

Then there are those locations that show up in the background of every movie. That’s a good bit of money to be made. It can be a nice payday if your home was used for a TV show or film, but at the same time you’d have to be prepared for the consequences.

Read on for 30 true stories from locations used for your favorite shows and movies:

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