If there's one thing we can agree on these days, it's that celebrities are the endless subject of huge amounts of public scrutiny. From old-school paparazzi to global social media attention, there's no lack of focus on today's celebs. 

The fact is, we think we know every angle and every look of the ultra famous celebrities we know and love. We found nearly 20 photos that prove that there is always a shocking side to even the most familiar figures. 

For example, when Marilyn Manson scrubbed his makeup for his Eastbound and Down cameo, he was basically unrecognizable. Before donning his beard and beret, Che Guevara actually looked more like a big-4 ivy league consultant than a guerilla revolutionary. We couldn't even believe that a young Clint Eastwood didn't even SQUINT.

Read on to see examples of times we couldn't believe we were looking at the same person. Don't just stand there! Scroll on down!

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