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Famous people are super precious about their public image. That's understandable, right? Pretty much everyone wants to put their best face forward, these days. But it's actually kind of exhausting, managing your public image 24/7. So as a public service, we asked our readers to dig up off-brand photos of super-famous people.

Entry by Kevin King

This scrawny kid with glasses is... BERNARD ST. 34 the super sexy actor Joe Manganiello.

Entry by Erin Willis

CRACREDOON From carefree schoolgirl... madonna BAD GIRL BADASS legend.

Entry by PollyDarton

CRAGKED OOM This guy might be easier to recognize with a different hairstyle... the king of Reggae, Bob Marley.

Entry by TheMoHan

CRACKEDo Can you name this future zombie killer? It's Walking Dead's Norman Reedus.

Entry by Erin Willis

CRACKEDOON Recognize this cute 14 year old? Bet you do now.

Entry by PollyDarton

Yowza! Who is this pouty-lipped CRAn heartthrob? One of our greatest modern movie villains CHRISTOPH WALTZ

Entry by Hildifons

You've probably seen many pictures of Fidel Castro with a cigar. How many have you seen of him with a lollipop? CRAGKEDOON

Entry by Hildifons


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