29 Iconic Movies With Cleverly Hidden Cameos

29 Iconic Movies With Cleverly Hidden Cameos

Sometimes actors can steal the spotlight without us ever realizing it. We'll explore celebrities who appeared in films without the public noticing with this list. "Ant-Man,"  "Deadpool 2," "Pulp Fiction," and more are on the top of our list.

Filmmakers enjoy including hidden appearances in their productions. From the people who inspired the films to the actors' families and friends, movies are full of hidden cameos that you probably overlooked. The fact is, sometimes cameos are so slick, we never even catch the actor doing them. From Avril Lavigne in Teen Witch to Steve Buscemi, these celebs aren’t just masters of stealing the spotlight, they are also apparently masters of slipping by unnoticed.

So climb aboard, keep reading, and get ready to jot down notes for some movies and scenes you will almost definitely want to rewatch. We can’t make any promises, but we know these slipped by us.

Check out these wild examples below:

Baby Driver has a cameo from a former bank robber who consulted on the movie. Joe Loya, was hired as a script consultant and tech consultant for his expertise-- and, ironically, also got a cameo as a security guard in a heist. CRACKED.COM


HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS GILLIGAN'S ISLAND them CRACKED.COM In this made-for-TV movie, the Clown Princes of Basketball team up with the castaways to battle super-robots to save the island from an unscrupulous ... let's just leave it at trick basketball and robots.


Linda Blair has a quick cameo in SCREAM. She plays an eager reporter who tries to interview Sidney Prescott but gets ushered away by Deputy Dewey Riley. CRACKED.COM


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