36 Jokes You Missed In Movies & TV If You Only Speak English

36 Jokes You Missed In Movies & TV If You Only Speak English

English may be one of the world's most spoken languages, but (believe it or not) there is a vast and interesting world outside the anglo sphere. Yes, most internationally popular media is in English, and Hollywood has influenced culture around the world.

Here's the thing though, there are other cultures out there and you could miss it if you ONLY speak English. If you only speak English, you probably understand 99% of American-made media… But there may be the occasional things that slip by. 

The fact is though, non-English easter eggs are actually quite common in English language TV and movies as well! Maybe this will encourage us to broaden our horizons and learn a new language, rather than find out about Easter Eggs from some list! 

For example, in Deadpool, there is an easter egg hidden in the Chinese characters of a rooftop sign. 

So what are you waiting for?! Scroll on down to learn about some hilarious jokes you would totally miss if you only speak English…

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