39 Spooky Monster Facts and Legends From Around The World

39 Spooky Monster Facts and Legends From Around The World

Many legends, like myths, possess a kernel of reality at their center. A gooey, nugget of alluring truth. They emerge from past events, persons, or real-life occurrences that form part of our shared cultural environment. However, whenever these stories develop and are passed down to the next generation, they continue to grow and pick up elements that can alter and color the truth, making them even more unforgettable, engaging, and amusing. But have you ever thought about the motivations and mysteries behind such our favorite and perhaps most frightful Halloween creatures?

Though dressing up as an angel is fine, it's the monsters and demons who steal our hearts and minds throughout the Halloween season. We investigate the roots of 39 scary things that just go knock boo—in late night as illuminated jack-o'-lanterns and ghouls hide in the darkness.

There's nothing to be fear of except fear itself... and whatever a "Pinky Pinky" is. This list should hopefully demystify a few famous monsters while also introducing you to a few new ones.

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