Candy just tastes better when you don't know anything about health insurance.

HALLOWEEN CHILD VS. ADULT COSTUMES You either go as a tertiary movie character YOU already kind of look like, or I'm Batman! YOU dress up as a complicated pun and take off the costume after explaining it 3 times. CRACKED.COM

HALLOWEEN CHILD VS. ADULT COST I don't know what money OK, between the costume, is! I get a $5 weekly Uber, and bar tab, I just allowance and I spend it need to eat beans for a on Pokemon cards! month and I'm good! CRACKED.COM

HALLOWEEN CHILD VS. ADULT CANDY SURCER You bought a big bag of You candy than Reese's get pumpkins on your more credit card. You fall asleep you've ever seen in your life, eating them bed. you're allowed in One AND to bedtime melts on sheets. stay up past your Now your have do eating laundry. it! Score! YOU to You feel nothing. CRACKED.COM

HALLOWEEN CHILD VS. ADULT TERROR You are too scared to go on You are too scared to open Your neighbor Tim's porch your email because YOU because of a spooky told your boss what You scarecrow. REALLY think. CRACKED.COM

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HALLOWEEN CHILD VS. ADULT PREPARATION You and told spent 2 weeks $87 You Your mom YOU Amazon buying clothes wanted to be a ninja. Hope on made of that she makes a cool crepe costume! paper you'll throw away Nov 1. CRACKED.COM

HALLOWEEN CHILD VS. ADULT MISCHIEF STOP We're tossin' eggs at Old Why is there a stop sign in Man Johnson's house! my living room? CRACKED.COM

HALLOWEEN CHILD VS. ADULT LENGTH There's a work halloween Probably about hours of party on thursday, then 2 ck-or-treating, your friend's followed party on by Friday, then other an hour of gorging your on friend candy. got a ticket to a Halloween rave on Saturday night. CRACKED.COM

HALLOWEEN CHILD VS. ADULT HEALTH SANSER You throw up after taking You throw up after eating 13 shots of caramel 13 Milky Ways. Your mom flavored rum. You feel cleans YOU up and puts YOU dirty, both literally and to bed. figuratively. You sleep on a futon. CRACKED.COM

HALLOWEEN CHILD VS. ADULT COORDINATED COSTUMES My pillow is green I'm gonna be Mario and my because my girlfriend best friend is gonna be thought it would be funny Luigi! if she was a sexy donkey and I was Shrek. CRACKED.COM


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