Whats that we hear? Could it be? Yes indeed--sounds like your brain stomach is actually audibly grumbling. Are you curious who the heck we are and how it is we know about the obscure brain stomach? Well, it's something of a specialty of ours. You see, part of our job is assembling delectable tidbits of information, savory nuggets of knowledge, for direct consumption in your synapses.

That's right, brains get hungry too, and we've got just the thing it: slick facts for that quick brain snack.

Because let's face it--you're busy. When you crack that metaphorical fridge, you see OJ, purple stuff, perhaps a half eaten jar of pickles, but nothing that truly SATES the mind--let alone quickly. 

This is all a long winded way of saying: we're glad you came. 

For example: did you know that Big Bend national park is literally named that because of a bend in the Rio Grande river?

Procrastinating by reading this still counts as learning!

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United Nations forces are often called blue helmets because of their light blue headwear, same as the UN flag. The bright blue also serves to quickly and obviously identify them as UN forces even to faraway snipers. CRACKED.COM

Source: UN


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