Frozen was a critical and commercial success with youngsters due to its catchy music, engaging story, and cute characters. Yes, even Olaf. However, it did more than just entertain kids and annoy their parents. It also hinted at the giant worldwide ice trade that used to be a staple in the global economy. 

It’s hard to believe today, but ice used to have a big market value. Keep in mind that refrigeration wasn't really much of a thing back in the day. In the 19th century, the stuff was shipped all over the place -- with its economical history eventually making it to Disney’s Frozen. It’s true, the song “Frozen Heart” is more about the history’s themes than about teaching you history -- but that’s why we’re here, to be all about the historical details the movie glosses over.

Here are some facts about the former ice trade that Frozen touched upon in its narrative.

ARENDELLE IS PRETTY MUCH NORWAY, SO... Next time you watch Frozen, maybe remember that ice not only has a magic that can't be controlled it also probably represents a good chunk of Arendelle's economy. Which raises the question: Are those singing workers properly compensated?

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