13 Comedies With Not-So-Funny Behind The Scenes Stories

Unsurprisingly, Rosanne Barr was difficult on set.
13 Comedies With Not-So-Funny Behind The Scenes Stories

A coordinated effort from people working together is required to make a film or television show, and sometimes a clash of personalities threatens to derail the entire production. Even the greatest comedy of all time has problems with equipment and staff that aren’t exactly the stuff of jokes. 

In the sci-fi and horror genres, B movies can often be so bad they’re good, and they’re ridiculousness can often turn them into unintentional comedies. Unfortunately, this horseshoe phenomenon tends to not work in favor of comedies, which tend to turn out as simply unfunny when they are bad enough. That is the conundrum and the explanation why most awful comedies are just downright unwatchable.

The early nineties were an especially powerful decade when it came to one of the poorest comedies of all time. Most of the guilt must be placed squarely on the shoulders of general  audiences, who continue to gravitate to real low brow entertainment again and again. The thing is, even classic comedies often have truly grim and unfunny back stories.

Scroll on for some behind the scenes facts about movies that you'll never see the same way again…

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS BILL MURRAY TOOK TO BEING HIS ANNOYING CHARACTER IN WHAT ABOUT BOB? A LITTLE TOO WELL. CRACKED.COM Murray went method with his character Bob Wiley in the film, seeking out ways to anger co-star Richard Dreyfuss, in- cluding yelling that everyone hated him and merely tolerated his presence. He also playfully shoved producer Laura Ziskin into a lake.

Source: EW

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS THE CAMERA BROKE ON THE VERY FIRST SHOT OF MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL. CRACKED.COM First-time film directors Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones leapt feet first into the pro- duction of the movie, choosing an impos- sible location half a mile up Glen Coe in Scotland for their first days of filming. The camera jammed on the first shot, leaving them scrambling to make do.

Source: BBC


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