There’s nothing quite like a good chuckle, and comedy films are among the best ways to tickle our funny bones as well as satisfy our thirst for deep, hearty entertainment.

Jon Heder fractured his foot while training for his performance in Blades of Glory, truly the strongest ice skating film of all time. Heder came down in the snow with a hairline break just 5 days before the movie was set to shoot, and filming was postponed for 3 months. It turned out to be a mixed blessing for the film directors since it allowed them to finish their absurd scenes.

We'd gladly pay good money to see Will Ferrell and John C. Riley practice driving NASCAR race cars. Ferrell was ready to give up after one terrifying lap on the track, but Riley insisted on them not being "wusses" and continuing to practice. 

More on that, as well as 29 other behind-the-scenes details about beloved comedy classics, can be found here:

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