PC gaming in the early ’90s was crazy. Things happened so fast, you had no time to blink. One day you were helping a pixel with feet punch pixels with teeth, and the next you were fighting demons face to face in glorious 320x200, 256 color VGA. We don’t need to tell you that Doom changed gaming forever -- we’re here to bring you juicy behind-the-scenes stuff. (And to tell you that Doom changed gaming forever, because we’re that kind of people.) So start humming that E1M1 theme and read on…

Stephen King was (very indirectly) related to the development of Doom Some -game textures (mostly architectural gargoyles) were scanned from the photo book Nightmares in the Sky, which features text written by King.

Source: DoomWiki.org

John Romero posed for the cover illustration A model was hired for reference photos, but the guy couldn't manage to look like he was fending off demons. Frustrated, Romero took his shirt off and grabbed the prop gun to show the illustrator what he wanted. Or, as Romero puts it himself, I AM THE DOOMGUY.

Source: Rome.ro

Doom exists partly thanks to the U.S. Air Force. If Doom can run on anything today, it's because it was optimized for PCs not really intended for anything more graphics-intensive than a spreadsheet. To achieve this, John Carmack used software techniques developed by the USAF in the '60s for flight simulators.

Source: Ars Technica

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