13 Page-Turning Stephen King Facts

13 Page-Turning Stephen King Facts

Stephen King has been an icon of horror for nearly 50 years, but considering he keeps writing books, the guy still must have some secrets, some dark parts of himself he hasn't written out across thousands of words. We won't speculate, but there's no doubt he's made rather a lot public, including some strange facts you might not have heard before.

HE TRIED MAKING A MOVIE OF HIS WORK CRACKED In 1986, he directed a movie of his story Maximum Overdrive, about trucks that come to life, with nothing but AC/DC on the soundtrack.

Source: IMDB

HE'S SUED BAD ADAPTATIONS AND WON ACCESS DENIED CRACKED When the movie of The Lawnmower Man changed basically everything about his story, he went to court and got his name off the film.

Source: EW

PEOPLE GET MAD WHEN HE'S HONORED CRACKED Some literary critics are never happy when someone SO popular wins awards, but legendary scholar Harold Bloom carried a particular grudge against him.

Source: CNBC

PET SEMATARYALMOST HAPPENED FOR REAL CRACKED King refused to release his necromancy novel for years, since it was inspired by a truck running over his cat and nearly missing his son.

Source: Express


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