TV used to be the launching pad to the real end goal of stardom-hungry actors, movies. But in the golden age of television, with prestige series dominating the cultural zeitgeist in a way only big films could do in the past, actors who previously made names for themselves in theaters are returning to the small screen. Not every celebrity can do it, but here's our favorite 16:

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JANE FONDA GRACE AND FRANKIE CRACKED.COM Barbarella herself, Jane Fonda, was a powerhouse in the 70's and 80's with movies like Fun with Dick and Jane and 9 to 5. She was out of the limelight for the 90's and then made a triumphant return in the early 2000's most notably in the highly rated Grace and Frankie.

Source: EW

PAUL GIAMATTI BILLIONS CRACKED.COM One of the greatest actors of our generation, Big Fat Liar's own Paul Giamatti, stepped into the silver screen with his series Billions, opposite Damian Lewis and a domination fetish. With powerful performances from Giamatti and his co-stars, this Showtime series is elevated to the level of a really good movie from 2003.

Source: GQ

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