13 Lesser-Known Protests Throughout American History

13 Lesser-Known Protests Throughout American History

Within our school education, it can seem that oppressed groups just waited around for liberation, but that's never been the case. Americans who are against protesting must remember the Boston Tea Party was a violent riot that our country was founded on. We can’t possibly learn of all the protests throughout American history that would go on to inspire larger and/or more influential acts of resistance, but here are 13 examples of protests that are often left out of textbooks.

CRACKED.COM 1811 German Coast Uprising 20 enslaved people raided a plantation that was a warehouse for the local militia. Their numbers grew up to 125 as they moved, singing Creole protest songs while pillaging plantations and killing whites. Despite the group not having military experience, they held off the U.S. Army for two days, until they ran out of ammunition. All 100 survivors were executed.


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