38 Diabolical Geniuses Who Refused To Play By The Rules

38 Diabolical Geniuses Who Refused To Play By The Rules

Have you ever heard a rule and thought “uhm, no”? Well these folks did, and rather than just flagrantly disregarding it, they decided the best way to subvert it was to carve out a nice, sneaky loophole. They’re quite ingenious, really. Studio says you can’t wear your signature jacket without standing next to your signature motorcycle? Well, that thing is now with you in every scene. Is your strip club technically illegal? Turn it into a nightly art class! Spotify paying you like garbage because you’re not one of the handful of artists big enough to actually get anything out of their platform? Silent songs, played by your fans as they sleep. From tricky camera shots to purposefully ruining takes, from cancelling and restarting free trial subscriptions to turning your coat into your luggage, hear are a few of the many, many ways schemers have thwarted the most ridiculous rules and regulations imposed on them.

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