Tell Us Now: 19 Backhanded Compliments That Burned

Tell Us Now: 19 Backhanded Compliments That Burned

Backhanded compliments are sick burns wrapped in pretty little paper. To deliver a good one takes a certain amount of ruthlessness that only mean grandmas have truly mastered. Sometimes they are unintentional (our personal favorites) in which a clueless person is accidentally vindictive 

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's the best backhanded compliment you've ever received?” Here are 19 of the most cringeworthy “nice” insults. 

TELL US NOW. Callie D.'s mom said while looking at wedding photos, Oh, honey, you don't look anything like yourself. This is so beautiful. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Leilani M. applied to a job within their current company when the hiring manager told them, Your resume is looking good considering you haven't added any real skills in the last two years. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Tim A. had a coworker say, I wanna hook you up with someone I know. I can't stand her, but she'd be perfect for you.... CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Jessica C. was told, You have the potential to be attractive. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Robert L. had a doctor say, You have lived a good life, but at your age, if you get sick do not try to fight it! CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Trevor W. has no idea what this means but was once told, You dance like an American. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Lupus C. had a former student say, I had a crush on you in high school because you are suave, classy, and in very good shape for someone in his 50s. He was 37. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Steven C. once said, Without ugly in this world, there would be nothing beautiful. A friend replied, Thank you for your sacrifice. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Mike R. was told, You're the friend no one wants but will eventually need. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Rey J. shares, Someone once told me, You're a credit to your race. I replied, I wish I could say the same about you. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Jessica M.'s daughter said I bet you could win if you went on Nailed It! CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Pau v. shares, I teach kindergarten in Korea, and the students knew I was Mexican American. I had talked about how people from different countries look different. When one kid called me fat, a girl indignantly shouted, She is not fat! She is Mexican!! CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Emily V.'s dad said, You're a functional adult, and your brother isn't, so do you mind if I take you out of my will? He needs the money more. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Anais S. was told by several bosses, If you only focused and applied yourself, do you know how great you would be? CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Keith D. had someone say after their gig, You know, I was ready to leave when you guys walked onstage, but I figured I'd listen to one song 'just to see, you know? I wasn't expecting anything at all from you, but you guys actually know good music! I couldn't believe you were playing Hendrix and people like that! I mean, your originals were fine and all, but I'm still shocked that you played actual good songs and you weren't terrible! CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Paul D. shares that someone on Grindr said, I don't normally go for daddy bear types. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. An instructor told Stef P. in front of the class while handing back a math A-level assignment, It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Stef P. responded, There were fewer ambiguities in the questions than usual. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Aleksandra B.'s friend once said, I wish I looked like Alexa but had Aleksandra's life. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Shannon G. was told, No way you're in your thirties! You still have acne! CRACKED.COM
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