13 Trivia Tidbits For The Budding Conversationalist

The finale of Hook was just as surprising to the child actors.
13 Trivia Tidbits For The Budding Conversationalist

Although some people appear to be inherently charming, becoming a good conversationalist is something that can be learned if you know what you're after. Whether you enjoy standing about and chatting or despise the prospect of yet another "forced" conversation, becoming a good communicator definitely has it’s perks. 

Being a good conversationalist is crucial to making friends, developing relationships, and closing deals. Besides all that, it just makes you more pleasant to be around. Who doesn’t love a solid raconteur?! Some people appear to be born conversationalists; however, the rest of us must develop and practice these talents. The facts we’ve compiled here can’t MAKE you a better talker, but dag nabbit if they won’t spice up a few lulls in the convo.

Sounds promising no?

For example, it turns out that the look of surprise on Thud Butt's face when he received the sword at the end of Hook was real. Here's the all of it plus 12 more…

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Source: journals.plos.org


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