13 Neat Nuggets Of Knowledge To Impress Others With

13 Neat Nuggets Of Knowledge To Impress Others With

Listen: we here at Cracked are driven by two things: 1) an endless fascination with the world around us, 2) making jokes about the world around us, and 3) winning our trivia night on Tuesdays at Outback Steakhouse. Whoops, that's three things. We are driven by three things, and it's all of those. Plus the free Bloomin' Onion they throw in as a prize for winning trivia night. Four things. Okay, we gotta quit while we're ahead, or we're going to keep finding things that drive us. 

Anyway, we love fun facts and trivia, and we want to share that knowledge with you, our readers, so that YOU can get complimentary mozzarella sticks or jalapeño poppers or whatever the prize at your local trivia night is. Plus, that other team? Across the room? We heard they were talking smack, and we're gonna help you out. 

Did you know Marvel fought a ten-year legal battle to get X-Men figures classified as toys? No? Here’s the full story, plus 12 others:

For House of Wax, Paris Hilton had the whole crew scream together with her. She had to scream for her death scene, but she was embarrassed, so she asked the entire crew to scream along with her. They did. CRACKED.COM

Source: IGN

Despite how it might look, leaf-cutter ants don't actually eat any leaves. They just take pieces of leaves and feed them to a fungus they cultivate. The fungus then partly digests the leaves, and the ant later eats the fungus. CRACKED.COM

Source: ASM

In 1939, a University of Iowa experiment tried to induce stuttering in kids. It was truly awful, and it involved orphans getting belittled for flaws in their speech to test if kids started stuttering because of pressure. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBS

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