15 Ridiculous Things That Celebs Spent A Small (Or Large) Fortune On

15 Ridiculous Things That Celebs Spent A Small (Or Large) Fortune On

Let’s go on a magical fantasy journey together. Close your eyes. Imagine accomplishing your wildest dreams. You achieve great success and acclaim in your chosen field. You have the respect of your peers. You make enough money to live with an impossible amount of comfort. You have the fame and the clout to make absolutely anything you want to happen, happen. 

Are you picturing buying a house? Taking a luxurious vacation? Maybe paying off your sick grandma’s medical bills? Or doing the impossible and paying off your student loans? Haha, you sucker! If you were really a baller, you’d dream bigger. You need to have a real “rise and grind” mindset to reach true greatness. We’re not talking about money for normal people here, we’re talking about money for ridiculous people who don’t know what else to spend their money on. Like diamonds in your forehead. Like eating gold. Like shooting a famous writer’s remains out of a $5 million cannon. Look, it’s only going to get more ridiculous from here:

Mike Bloomberg bought a copper bathtub from France for $13,300. He personally commissioned a coppersmith in France to make the tub, delivering his exact specifications, and craftsmen spent 250 hours making it. CRACKED.COM

Source: Gawker

Drake dropped $2 million on a pair of solid gold sneakers crafted by an artist. GRAMM And that's just the rough price of the material - it doesn't include whatever Drake paid artist Matthew Senna for the work of sculpting them. CRACKED.COM

Source: GQ

Floyd Mayweather paid 1 million dollars for a single watch uh, timepiece. main GMANU SATURDAY. Sr Y-PER-VIEW YIGM G LIV W GRANT MAYWEATHER E VS. OR, SATURDAY, YW SEPT. 17. 2011 MGIV LIVE ON PAY-PER URDAY, SI LIVE INFORMATION IER VS. ORT' OP 2011 MCM It's one of ten hand-crafted watches in the Big Bang 10th Anniversary collection from Swiss company Hublot, and each one has a unique design. CRACKED.COM

Source: GQ


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