Cracked Vs: Dracula Vs. Frankenstein’s Monster

Cracked Vs: Dracula Vs. Frankenstein’s Monster

Who would win in a fight between Dracula and Frankenstein's monster? It's a question that has heated up many a discussion among horror fans. Both creatures have their fans and detractors, but when it comes down to it, who would really come out on top? Let's take a look at the two combatants and see who would come out victorious in this epic showdown.

Dracula is, of course, the quintessential vampire. He is strong, fast, and agile, with a thirst for blood that knows no bounds. He also has the ability to turn into a bat or a cloud of mist, making him difficult to track or capture. Frankenstein's monster, on the other hand, is a hulking mass of stitches and scars. He is significantly less agile than Dracula, but he more than makes up for it with his sheer strength. He is also immune to Dracula's main weapon - sunlight. So, who would win in a fight between these two fearsome foes?

Let’s go! Find out.

CRACKED VS. Summary DRACULA FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER Goals: Conquer, take Goals: Acceptance. life, feed. If not that, kill. Strengths: Super Strengths: Super strong, strong, fast and agile. hypnotism, shapeshift. Weaknesses: Terrible Weaknesses: Stakes, impulse control, self- garlic, religious loathing. Not afraid of fire trinkets. (that's only in the movies). CRACKED.COM

CRACKED VS. Round One: Fight! DRACULA FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER A giant figure climbs the misty steps to Count Dracula's castle doors. A huge bat descends from above and attacks Frankenstein's Monster, tearing at his face, but the Monster gives the bat one solid slap, sending Dracula flying through the air and SLAM! against the ancient doors. The Monster, having done his research, sprints toward the fangy fiend, clutching a wooden stake. CRACKED.COM

CRACKED VS. Round Two: Fight! DRACULA FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER Dracula's recovery is swift, however, and he immediately hypnotizes the Undead Monster, tapping into the creature's vulnerability and self-loathing. Slowly, the Monster turns the wooden stake toward his own heart, struggling to resist, groaning in pain and deep despair. Dracula considers this: Here is a different kind of Undead, an abomination yet fascinating creature, one that only seeks acceptance and belonging. In him, Dracula sees an opportunity to overpower and command. After all, the Monster is a thing from the New World. CRACKED.COM

CRACKED VS. Winner: Dracula DRACULA FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER It's inevitable. Dracula's keen sense of manipulation and ability to control others will, at best, cause Frankenstein's Monster to become the vampire's loyal slave; at worst, cause the Monster's demise. Unless the giant Undead creature can learn to control his own mind and emotional state, he probably won't stand a chance. CRACKED.COM


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