14 History Class Derailing Trivia Tidbits

Mankind invented Fart Art before comfy toilet paper.
14 History Class Derailing Trivia Tidbits

When you went to history class in high school or college, you don't expect to hear the words “Eww, gross!” However, even though most history classes keep the content at PG-13 or lower, we all know that real history is just as disgusting, juvenile, putrid, and grody as real life. We aren't just talking about the lack of bathing during the Middle Ages either.

First, if your car breaks down or crashes, you get a tow truck and a mechanic, right? Well, what if this was time before automobiles and your horse “breaks down” a.k.a. dies? What about toilet paper before we mastered the art of the plushy two-ply stuff? And you don't even want to know what toothpaste used to be made from.

Here are some vile facts from throughout history that your teacher never taught you that will make you happy that you live in a comparatively less disgusting time.

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