These are facts, and that’s a fact. They’re also random, in that they hold no relation to each other (except for the fact that they’re all exactly the same amount of random). Will they teach you new things? There’s a non-zero possibility of that happening, yeah. 

So you'll learn some new things, at a random pace, randomly. These facts are so random you'll be reading one and thinking, “Gee, how random can you get?” before reading the next one and then thinking, “Whoa, that one is even more random than the last one!” Then you'll randomly remember these at parties and randomly bump into your boss at a part then share one of these randomly facts randomly, making your boss dub you “The Randomizer.”

Do you want to be “The Randomizer?" Does any of this matter? We hope so -- a lot of effort went into putting this together. We’ll just roll the dice and randomly hope these appeal to you, because that’s kind of our thing.


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