15 Stellar Cases of Foreshadowing in Sci-Fi

Sci-fi movies sometimes show you the future -- and often give you hints about it.
15 Stellar Cases of Foreshadowing in Sci-Fi

We’re a simple website. We love shocking facts, bizarre stories, and little known secrets. But, lets face it, we’re also huge nerds who love science fiction. We’ve written about the bizarrely specific tropes you can find in nearly every science fiction movie. We’ve covered all of the promises that science fiction has made us over the years. We’ve even written about the played out and cliche scenes in science fiction. 

Science fiction is often about the future -- going to the future, or being in the future, or knowing the future. And like any other genre, science fiction movies and shows often give you hints about the future. You don’t need psychic powers or devices that can see through the space-time continuum and break the laws of causality. Just pay a bit of attention, like these cases illustrate. (Warning: spoilers abound.)

If any of this sounds like it might be up your alley, well strap in your grav-thrusters, set your phasers to ‘scroll’ and get ready to enter hyper drive by…reading the rest of the content below. Thank you.

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