13 Amazing Facts To Look Clever And Knowledgeable

13 Amazing Facts To Look Clever And Knowledgeable

Everyone can benefit from having a noggin full of amazing facts. Trapped inside of an ancient tomb you were attempting to plunder? You can recite them to yourself to pass the time until your inevitable demise. On a first date you aren't enjoying? You can rattle them off until your partner calls it quits. In a job interview that isn't going your way? Throw them some knowledge based curve balls. 

The fact is there's a lot of knowledge out there to hoover up into the ol' gray matter. You'd need multiple lifetimes to capture all of it, but fortunately you've got your friends at Cracked here to assist you on your journey.

Here's a good one: the oldest known customer complaint dates back to 1750 BC, and it’s about the quality of some copper ingots. 

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Here’s the full story, plus 12 others:

About half a century ago, a dog in England found the football World Cup. It got stolen before the tournament and, about a week later, got found wrapped in newspaper on the ground when a guy was walking his dog. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

New York City has a total of 41 buildings that have their own ZIP code. One of them is the Empire State Building, with the ZIP code 10118. Most of the buildings are in midtown, but there are some in the Financial District. CRACKED.COM

Source: AMNY

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