Weird World: 12 Bonkers Things That Happened Right Under Our Noses

Weird World: 12 Bonkers Things That Happened Right Under Our Noses

Did you know there's a country whose official currency features Star Wars characters? Or that there is one that didn't commemorate the century until... 2007?

Niue, a tiny Polynesian island attached to New Zealand, has currency emblazoned with Hollywood studios, Pokémon, as well as Star Wars heroes and villains, among many other strange cultural references. Whereas the New Zealand Cash is a legal currency on the island, their great coins can be used to pay for anything.

You're probably more familiar with the standard prohibited items when planning to travel through airports: combustibles, liquid, and sharp instruments. Still, the list below is sure to catch you off guard! Depending on which part of the world you visit, they can range from the pragmatic to the mildly unfortunate to the downright insane!

Norway posted a sign at their border with Russia prohibiting any peeing in that direction. Here's the complete story, as well as 11 others:

WEIRD WORLD At a DJ Tiesto gig, a superfan's ashes were fired from a confetti cannon. DJ Tiesto Stuart Mitchell's bereaved family sold his tickets to an upcoming Tiesto performance, asking the buyers to scatter his ashes there. Eventually, someone suggested the cannon. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

WEIRD WORLD A guy threatened to make a citizen's arrest of a principal with zip - ties. It was because of the school's decision to quarantine a student he knew, and somehow he live-streamed everything on his business' Instagram. CRACKED.COM

Source: KVOA

WEIRD WORLD The Federal Trade Commission is investigating McD's ice cream machines. McDonald's all all NDLANGUS M had M The FTC wants to find out why the machine are always broken, so they sent a bunch of letters inquiring about the matter over the summer. CRACKED.COM

Source: WBTW

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