From a rewrite of Air Bud to the inspiration behind Mabel’s glorious sweaters, here are some hidden meanings and jokes scattered throughout the wonderful animated series, Gravity Falls.

EASTER EGGSTRA JOKES AND MEANINGS HIDDEN JOKES, Gravity HIDDEN JOKES FALLS EVERYWHERE HACK Thomas Jefferson was actually just on kids in an overcoat standing on each other's shoulders The current and foreser President of the United States is actially Santa (Laus.Und the reign of Mr. Claus, America is not a democracy. but a jollvocracy. The statues in Mount Rushmore are actually excentic presidential-faced robots that will be called into action when America needs them the most. An enormous, eul timederouring baby from another dimension is frozen in an Autarctic glacier. Fortux nately mel. should be fux Wnt- ing jokes for cartoons IS

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EASTER EGGSTRA JOKES AND MEANINGS Gravity KALLS SONG LACE THEME MYSTERY HACK 60 GIFTS SHA When played in reverse, the whisper in the opening song reveals the key to the cipher used in the end credits of that episode. Other keys can also be found throughout frames in the show. CRACKED.COM

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EASTER EGGSTRA JOKES AND MEANINGS A WINK TO GRAYITY FALLS MARIO BROS. LACK IT'S IM IM POSSIBLE ? NO REFUNE HLIIB, WRKKVI, YFG BLFI DVMWB RH RM ZMLGSVI XZHGOV. In one of the episodes that uses the Atbash cipher at the end, decoding it reads: Sorry, Dipper, but your Wendy is in another castle. CRACKED.COM

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