Cracked VS: Movie Iron Man vs. Comic Iron Man

Cracked VS: Movie Iron Man vs. Comic Iron Man

Welcome to Cracked VS, a feature where we pit two topics against each other and let ‘em duke it out. Today’s topic: Iron Man: Comic vs. Movie Version

Nobody, probably not even Marvel, thought Iron Man would become the cinematic juggernaut that he did. And then he made us all cry at the end. Good for Robert Downey, Jr. all around. He resurrected a career that seemed like it was headed for mediocrity at best and ruination at worst to become the centerpiece of a cinematic universe that keeps barreling forward to this day. (We personally don't think he's done - look for helmet videos to show up when his daughter throws on the suit.)

Through over a decade of Marvel Cinematic Universe, we watched Tony Stark change -- he went from an egotistical arms dealer to a slightly less egotistical living weapon. But that’s not the only change he went through -- his movie self has a few differences from the character’s original incarnation on the (sometimes cheaply) printed page. Wanna check out a few of those?

CRACKED VS Iron Man: Movie VS. Comic IN THE COMICS Tony Stark became director of S.H.I.E.L.D. He had a short (and disastrous) tenure as head of the agency. IN THE MOVIES He wasn't. Dude, you just don't take Samuel L. Jackson's place.

Source: CBR

CRACKED VS Iron Man: Movie VS. Comic IN THE MOVIES Tony is a hero in Civil War. You may take Captain America's side, but they both have a point. A IN THE COMICS Tony is a villain in Civil War. The storyline turns him into a douchebag who teams up with baddies.

Source: IGN

Comic Tony has been around for longer than movie Tony, so it makes sense that his resume is bigger. But that's not the only difference. IN THE MOVIES Main character. Not alcoholic. Became a family man. Cool armors. Computer butler. Kero in Civil War. Can't keep a secret identity. IN THE COMICS B-lister. Alcoholic. Always a ladies' man. Cooler armors. Human butler. Villain in Civil War. Kept a secret identity. Fought a dragon. Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Member of the Illuminati.


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