Your whole life can change in the blink of an eye. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What's a seemingly inconsequential choice you made that changed your life forever?” We were so impressed by your collective vulnerability and thank you for sharing eventful stories. Here are 18 small decisions that impacted people forever.

TELL US NOW. BON David S. says, I'm not big into participating in work events unless they are mandatory but in September of 2019 I participated in a wellness program because they gave you paid time off. Part of the requirement to get the paid time off was to get a physical and have your doctor sign off on some paperwork. My doctor took some blood and called me the next day. This is how I found out I had leukemia. If I hadn't gone to that physical my spleen (which apparently was the size of a football) would have

TELL US NOW. Jose P. shares, 11 years ago I walked home from the train station. Doesn't sound like much but that particular day took me 45 minutes to walk home about 1.5km (a mile for the metrically challenged) and 10 mins to walk 2 flights of stairs. I was so disgusted with myself that I signed up for a gym and a personal trainer. Since then I've gone through a 30kg weight drop, ran 2 marathons, competed in 2 amateur powerlifting competitions, and as of this year gone back to university to become an exercise physiologist. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Sarah D. tells US, I needed a research topic for a techniques class in grad school. My advisor had been cutting notices from the newspaper about births and burglaries and put them in a shoebox. He let me have me the box, and I used the data on burglaries. It took a while but about 35 years later I retired after a career as a crime analyst. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. COVID-19 kit test Daniel S. tells US, I was desperate to leave my dead end retail job so I basically took the first thing that was better. 'Better' furned put to be an entry level job at a medical lab that does testing for various things. A few years later, what do you know, a *ing pandemic happens and I just happen to be in the best possible position to be in. I now help process COVID testing and, because that, I got a pretty significant raise and I'm doing something that helps people. CRACKED.COM

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TELL US NOW. Meg G. shares, Sunny Sunday afternoon, never would be inside on such a beautiful day. But my friend was bored and talked me into going to shoot pool. I was hungry and ordered some chicken fingers from the bar, and the cook served them to me; he got off work shortly after that and came over to join US for pool. We'll be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary in October and have a beautiful daughter. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Stewart M. tells US, I worked retail with this guy who was twice my age, but we chatted over movies, music, and politics and got along great. I left the job after about two years, but randomly received a call from said coworker a few months later asking if I could pick up some groceries for him. It turns out that he had severe liver failure and was no longer able to get off his couch, so I called an ambulance to get him help. He died a few months later, but I was able to help

TELL US NOW. Ron K. says, I decided to go to the local suburban post office and was blown away by the friendly banter between the staff there. I was in a rut at the time driving taxis which meant no ongoing relationships with others. That night I saw an ad in the paper for the post office training school. I joined, got a job back in my home rural area, and ended up owning a post office. Now retired comfortably with no regrets. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Mickey N. tells US, I decided to get on a ride at Universal Studios. I didn't fit and it was humiliating. Called a bariatric surgeon that day. Scheduled my vertical sleeve gastrectomy for a few months later. I'm 11 months post op and 120 pounds down, absolutely stoked on life. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Chantal L. tells US, I was about 22-23 weeks pregnant. I was sick and had been to hospital twice. I went to chemist to get reflux medication but was referred to pharmacist who refused to sell to me until I had a doctor's note. Unusual but saw doctor who ordered tests. Got medication went home. 3 days later test results are back, and I'm evacuated to a city hospital. Kidneys failing liver failing platelets low enough to stroke out. The pharmacist saved my life. Would have died at home due to incompetence of the local doctors and

TELL US NOW. Angus M. tells US, My mother asked me when I was 12 which language I wanted to learn in high school (Australia) so she could submit the form. I just said whatever is first, which was Japanese. I'm now in my third year of studying Japanese intensely at University after learning it for nine years. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Bonnie B. tells US, I wore a mask to the ENT the day after I'd called to schedule an appointment about what I thought were severe allergies in January 2020. I had COVID, and with the myriad of respiratory illnesses I was surrounded by, I think I actually saved some lives because I took precautions in case it was the flu. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Vince S. tells US, Went to a job interview I didn't think I was qualified for just to feel what it's like to be completely honest when talking to potential employers. And that's how I broke into management by being so confident in the interview that I impressed my future boss. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Jacques K. tells US, Someone invited me to see this thing called a Repo! The Genetic Opera Shadow Cast, and I said 'Sure why not.' Years later I've met the best people of my life and my partner because I couldn't think of anything better to do that night. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Amanda W. shares, Decided it was time for a pet one week before my dad ended up hospitalized and eventually passed. My dog has been the best emotional support in one of my hardest times. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Jon S. tells US, While cosplaying Capt. Jack Sparrow in downtown Nashville outside of my workplace, I decided to go into the deli across the street for some fun interactions, which unbeknownst to me was the first time I ever encountered my future wife. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. STOP Kurt R. shares, Took the bus to beach with friends. While waiting for the bus to come home, a drunk drove on to sidewalk and hit me. Got a good amount of money in insurance settlement and used it to go to college. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Elaine F. shares, I forgot to bring my book to work so I borrowed one from my manager to read on my break. That book led me to an online community where I met a guy. After six months of online/long-distance dating, I moved in with him. now been married for 15 years and have two teenagers. All because I left my book at home one day. CRACKED.COM

TELL US NOW. Jessica R. says, My husband and I were planning to see a movie with a friend but my sister decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday that night so we canceled our movie plans. I'll admit I was super bummed we didn't get to see The Dark Knight Rises at Century theaters in Aurora at midnight, but it probably saved our lives. CRACKED.COM
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